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A New Map

The Map, an essential element of my work, acting as a storytelling tool and a philosophical component to reflect on my path, has moved on to the next part of the world.

Driven by world events, the war in Ukraine, the geo-political position of Romania as the country of birth, my passion for guns used for practical shooting as a well-organised sport requiring concentration and discipline, as well as the impact some disturbing images involving children had on me, my Map has evolved.

Using an actual map, I’ve started experimenting with integration elements within the Map and exploring ready-made objects to create a piece with 3d elements.

Exploring artworks created using ready-made objects, I’ve decided to integrate two types of ready-made objects into my work.

Sourcing bullets of large calibre, to be spray painted in 7 colours and placed on the map at specific points driven by a model to reflect the movement of troops, a convoy of trucks represented through spray painted bullets placed on the map. 119 x .303 Inert Wartime Style Bullets per Canvas (264x163cm)

Hyper-realistic dolls of a specific size will be connected to the canvas in a particular area and position. As I plan to create a series of 7 paintings, I will integrate one doll per each piece.

I’ve experimented with colours, the position, how the doll will be placed, and the painted bullets.

Work in progress, waiting for the finished dolls, but giving an overview of how the work will look when I start piecing everything together in a collection of 7 canvases.

I am creating the work to engage the sentiments of the community interacting with the work and as a statement for war and its hidden impact on children. The “branded” shape in all my works will carry a meaning for each of the seven pieces. As I start bringing this to life, I am sure it will evolve. 

I’ll also experiment more with the installation of the work, given its 3d elements. I’m playing with different approaches to identify the best way to engage with the work on a wall or the floor.  To be continued …