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Journey into Metaverse

There is no doubt in my mind that the metaverse is the next step in the evolution of the internet. Things will evolve faster than ever from a two-dimensional interactive to a three-dimensional immersive experience, and many will be left behind.

The new iteration of the internet will have massive implications for society, and society will face new challenges and new opportunities. This new era of the metaverse will unleash unique creativity and open new frontiers and horizons for creators, brands and businesses.

Now the question is, how can one be ready? And what does being prepared even mean? How do we make sure we get it right?

The metaverse… the progress that many fear, despite and yearn for the “old days”.

The metaverse… Yet here I am, going in the opposite direction by creating physical work. Although I’m deeply connected to technology, innovation and the digital world, is there a part of me secretly advocating for continuing physical experiences? A thought of singularity crosses my mind…

Will governments play an early role in shaping healthy policies at a very early stage? Or are governments already behind the non-state actors driving change?

The metaverse… a new world, a new digital identity… but many questions:

  1. How will digital personas in the metaverse be connected to persons in the analogue world?
  2. How will governments ensure regulatory compliance and tax reporting for companies and organisations existing solely in the metaverse?
  3. How will companies headquartered in the metaverse be taxed?
  4. How will we counter disinformation and false flag operations, and how will radicalisation be prevented?
  5. How will crime and the homicide of a digital twin of a real person in the metaverse be treated?

We are constantly bombarded with information; our attention span is lower than the attention span of a goldfish, so will digital art provide the same experiences as traditional art provided humanity for centuries? Will digital art in the metaverse still have a role to play in cultural diplomacy? What will cultural diplomacy look like in the metaverse?

What is the role and value of art in the metaverse

Time to dream, explore, and create art… maybe in the metaverse?

I’ve started to explore the extended reality space, and I’ve created some metahumans and other elements as a learning exercise.

XR World

Attending a conference on XR (Extended Reality), I started to think again about the Metaverse.

The XR industry is evolving so fast, the entry barriers are lower and lower, but I couldn’t stop thinking, what does this mean for the art world? Yes, we’ve all seen art that makes use of AR or VR, but what’s the next big thing? What is the next area that Art+Tech can disrupt and have a substantial cultural and social impact that helps humanity evolve?

Although the barriers are lower, I could not stop thinking about those that get left behind because of the lack of resources, although super talented. How might I help them?

One thing from the conference that attracted my attention was Volumetric Filmmaking. Not necessarily a new thing, but a technology worth exploring for my future projects

Crimes in the Metaverse – A collection idea I want to explore