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I’ve been doing a lot of work in the past few months, given the limited amount of time I have each week to create work. I’ve researched and explored many things, and I’ve enjoyed engaging in conversations with the MA group. 

From debating the value of art to discussing challenges when creating art to listening to other artists talk about their journey. It was all inspiring and motivating, but inner tensions seeking answers arose every time.

If you create the art you like, not the art demanded by the art “system”, why would one want to exhibit art? If you’re not seeking success, why exhibit at all? Should you be an unprofessional artist or a professional artist? Is there a way to avoid the tensions and be both?

I integrate assets into the artwork to set its value and avoid fanciful manipulation, but that implies that my art would be successful in the art “system” to demand fanciful manipulation of the price… I integrate assets because I want collectors/audiences to leverage those assets, do something with them, create something inspired by my art, and do some good in the world. – vague…

All the things mentioned above, and all the work I’ve been doing, made me realise I don’t have a clear vision yet, that I’m moving away from my reasons and that my aims are not clear. Personal circumstances and career also triggered some tensions questioning where is my time more valuable and better spent.

However, I started to realise that I’m increasingly interested in the tensions between the measurement of value in financial and human terms. 

Maybe my initial vision was going in the right direction, but I was going in the wrong way about building and delivering on that vision. 

Experiential Valueism needs to be redefined. I need to redefine my vision and mission to explore and create art that makes me happy and delivers the impact I want.