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Shares of Time

Passioned about watches, mainly watches with complications or painted dials, I’ve decided to research and study the master watchmakers to learn more about the art of watchmaking, so I can create my timepieces that I will then integrate into paintings.

This time, the integration will be a physical one (similar to the bottle caps in The Synergy collection), 119 actual cases coloured in 17 different tones, positioned on the 264×163 cm canvas based on λ values, to reflect the correlation between human values and the value of time. 

After reading the “bible,  Watchmaking by George Daniels, I’ve brushed up on some of my industrial engineering skills and started exploring.

First, I started by sketching many ideas. I’ve decided to correlate the case and the shape present in my art. I’ve named the shape, window into my soul. I thought about the dial and how the dial will be hand-painted with the same message present in the painting.

I’ve then moved to Solidworks and Cinema 4D. I’ve also experimented with 3D printing to check real-life aesthetics and ergonimics. The next step was finalising the mechanical drawings, ensuring that the case could be CNCed and adding the required elements to make it water-resistant (100m).

Still a work in progress, as I’m sourcing the movement from Switzerland, and they’re experiencing massive delays due to Covid. I am excited about the next steps, finalising the large canvases and integrating the cases into the canvas, and painting the dials for all pieces. 

I’m also researching ceramics and exploring the possibility of building ceramic outer case.

I am very interested in observing what an engaged audience would do with these assets after reflecting on the paintings.