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Social Experiment

I kept thinking about my Experiential Valueism concept. Integrate assets to derive the value, and hope that the audience will leverage those assets to create value. But then I thought, what does that even mean? How can I engage them? Why? 

I’ve decided to explore NFTs again. I’ve got involved in a few communities, and after learning the language making a few friends, I’ve concluded that pretty much everyone in the NFT community smokes weed and dreams of the moon. 

LFG! We mooning! – my vocabulary is expanding. 

Anyway, I kept thinking about one of the large paintings I have completed, the logistics of the size and the potential of NFTs. 

I thought about cutting it into pieces and offering them as NFTs. Each piece was to be cut after specific criteria I’ve established. It will give the NFT collector the included appraised asset represented by that particular dot, an appraised premium five letters .com domain. I thought it would be interesting to see what they would do with them, but my message was still confusing, and that’s not ok for me. 

But then I realised that I need a community if I want to do this successfully. I can’t just post it and hope for the best. So for a community, I need a name, social media accounts etc. However, I’ve decided long ago that I won’t post on Twitter or Instagram. But oh hey, it’s a social experiment; let’s see what happens. Oh, but what name? I won’t use my main accounts (where I don’t post). So I’ve decided to come up with some names, but of course, I had to test them to see the best option; 300 people chose, and I’ve launched the social experiment. 

NFT Wallet Setup, Blockchain contract script sorted.

I’ve set up a discord server and grew it to over 2500 members, got 12000 followers on Twitter and 30000 followers on Instagram. Posts with work in progress got 141 comments, 442 retweets and 978 likes.

and ……


What do all these likes, members and comments even mean? Monetisation? That’s not the point.

Do they even understand what and why I’m doing this? Or are they only hoping they can buy an NFT and resell it? To the moon, they say! And while I love the idea of space, I don’t think we’ve even explored the oceans properly…

Am I moving away from my whole concept? Am I going in a direction where the audience engages only with the potential financial gain? Will they even care about those assets? Will they even bother? 

Do I even know what I want them to do, or do I have a confusing message and vision? Do I add value?

The NFT community is very interesting, and I’m sure I’ll explore more and launch “a drop” in the future. 

However, I feel like I have to rethink my vision and mission for now.