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The Synergy

I believe exceptional single malt scotch and fine art share an obsession for the highest standards of craftsmanship and a relentless pursuit of excellence to tell a unique and inspiring story. I’ve conceptualised the Synergy collection to celebrate experiences inspired by the synergies of fine art and single malt whisky.

The Synergy is a collection of 7 paintings of 264cm x 163cm, acrylics on canvas, and 119 rare whiskies. 119 caps (17 colours used 7 times) are symbolically integrated into the painting through a mathematical process to reimagine how art is made, valued and experienced.

Exploring the power of collaboration between individuals, organisations, state and non-state actors, The Synergy tries to produce a more significant combined effort to address world challenges. This series of paintings challenges collectors to use the rare collectable assets integrated into each artwork to address those challenges creatively. Thus, the entire project becomes a work of art in itself, creating an artwork of time that will write its own story.

Why single malt scotch?

Master distillers are true artists in a constant pursuit to excel in the art of distillation, creating unique masterpieces. The master Distillers act in Synergy with many natural elements. Water, one of the essential elements for life, is also at the heart of distinctive creations, and the environmental conditions impact the flavour while angels take their share. This act of Synergy through the combined power of multiple elements and the touch of the master artist will leave behind a masterpiece in time.

From monks in the old times to modern-day collectors, whiskies, individuals, and organisations were acting in Synergy to generate unique experiences. When tasting a masterpiece, the collector engages in an exquisite experience, bringing their memories and character, creating their unique experiential artwork. Considering the heritage and the craftsmanship to produce these rare collectables, my passion as a collector, the similarities between the art created by the master distiller and a fine art creator, it was only natural to integrate whisky as an asset in my artworks.

Water of Life to Ignite Dialogue

The themes I’m exploring in the Synergy collection are about the world’s challenges in this present time. I’m presenting a story about the water of life and elements that influence life; just like locality, water and time influence single malt scotch. Whisky having a monastic relation also has an aspect of collaboration and working in Synergy to problem solve.

I empower collectors to leverage the collectable assets integrated into my artworks to create a better future through Synergy. An exquisite single malt whisky to be shared with friends and partners, igniting quality dialogue, inspiring creative solutions and positive action through collaboration, in a desire to change the future inspired by my view on various areas of interest expressed through a painting.