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Tutorial I

Date: Friday, 19 November 2021 • Time: 13:30 • With Jonathan Kearney

My first tutorial. I didn’t know what to expect. In retrospect, I found it exciting, motivating, challenging.

We talked about what I was creating, exploring, and reflecting on. However, I found it very challenging to explain my vision and what I want to achieve clearly. I’ve explained how I’d like to empower others to create value using the underlying assets and why I want my art to be valued based on what people do with them.

We discussed my research and exploration of techniques and various flat colours and retarders to avoid brushstrokes for the backgrounds on each large canvas. It was fascinating to hear Jonathan’s observation on how important it was for me to get the background right and how much time I’ve spent and how concerned I was about that, while his approach would have probably been, “I would just throw a bucket of paint on it”. I reflected on this as my attention to detail has constantly challenged me and sometimes even frustrated me, as progress was slower than what I wanted it to be.

We’ve discussed creative community engagement, and Jonathan shared a great example that triggered some exploration and a lot of new ideas.

There were a few vital, challenging questions that I’ve captured as something to reflect on to define my next steps:

What happens if I remove all assets? If I remove the integration of assets, how could I represent the same concept and achieve the same vision through the framework/process?

These questions demanded new ideas and an exploration of the vision, and what do I consider assets? What is an asset’s way of valuation?

Tutorial II

Date: Wednesday, 2 February 2022 • Time: 9:30 • Jonathan Kearney

Discussing the different things I’ve explored since our last tutorial, I’ve quickly realised I have a lot of the What/How but not a clear Why. It was something that was bothering me for weeks.

We’ve discussed my explorations into NFTs and generative art potentially created by the contribution of many people, through combined brain activity, about measuring the engagement and the impact art can generate and the challenges that come from trying to quantify value. We’ve discussed why I think I’m doing what I’m doing, what I’d like to achieve, and how I’d like to measure the success of art in human terms, not financial wealth.

The current state of the art market, the institutions, the players influencing the market were part of the conversation. Jonathan provided a great example of art value lost and suggested that sometimes doing the opposite might help uncover the why or open new perspectives, which I consider exploring.

I found the tutorial helpful engaging, but again very challenging, as I still felt that my vision wasn’t yet defined and clear enough. For me, being able to articulate my message was very important. The main challenging questions that I’ve captured as something to answer in the following weeks:

What do I value? What values do I have? And how do those values connect with the audience or the broader sense of value?