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It might not make sense.

Unit 2. A summary of experiments, expanding the knowledge about my practice, taking on challenges, developing new skills and techniques, solidifying my research, establishing my position, and reflecting on my journey and next steps. While the curated examples of experiments might not make much sense, I see a path forward for my practice that’s hard for me to express right now, but I see how it will all come together soon.


Develop and realise a self-directed programme of learning which draws from wide-ranging subject knowledge. (AC Knowledge, AC Process)

To challenge myself, I’ve experimented with new techniques and approaches, I’ve observed, worked with other mediums, and embraced new techniques to push myself beyond my structured approach to art making, tweaking some of my rigid processes.


Articulate a thorough understanding of your research and establish an informed critical position. (AC Communication)

While experimenting with new techniques and approaches, I want to stay true to my interest in physical art on large canvases. Still, digital offered me a way to research various methods faster, establish an approach for my framework, for integrating community engagement into my art-making process.

While this is just the beginning, the selected pieces will provide an overview of how sooner or later, it will all come together and it will all make sense.
(at least for me) 


Analyse and critically reflect on your practice and its context.(ACEnquiry)

After reflecting on my practice and the work conducted, I can say that while my techniques may have evolved, my mission and objectives remain the same. To reflect on some of my experiments and my practice, I’ve researched the synergies between Fluxus and NFTs, and their value in the corporate world.

Mission: How?

To augment art making with community engagement and a sense of the sacred, exploring tensions arising from appraising value as the interplay of financial and human assets.

Objectives: What?

• Explore ways of embedding creative community engagement in artworks.
• Explore the tensions and synergies between measuring value in financial and human terms.
• Reflect on the place of the sacred in making and viewing art.
• Create engaging experiences through physical and digital art, sculptures, and installations.
• Create a framework for measuring the value of engaging with art.

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Why not?

Do not hesitate to give me the most critical feedback ever.
It will only challenge me to improve my answer to
one fundamental question: Why?