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Unit 3. Finishing unfinished business (The Boundless collection), seeing things through new eyes, taking decisions, and planning for my future as an Artist. 


Present evidence of a body of work that demonstrates a systematic enhancement of your knowledge and understanding. (AC Realisation)

I deliberated on the next phase of my artistic journey making some key decisions and  immersed myself in the world of blockchain technology and broadening my understanding of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). I found myself deeply involved in the complex task of creating a substantial collection of 833 NFTs, which required the meticulous preparation of all requisite assets in various formats. Concurrently, I honed my video editing skills and mastered the intricacies of blockchain contracts. All of these endeavours culminated with the creation of the “Boundless” collection.


Synthesise and critically reflect coherently on your process whilst providing evidence of an active, independent and/or collaborative practice. (AC Process)

Adhering to my core philosophy of integrating various assets into my artwork, I’ve embarked on a journey to explore diverse spheres of interest in the big data space. This involves stimulating contemplation on the future implications of big data, artificial intelligence, and potentially even Artificial General Intelligences (AGIs), alongside their societal impact and their role in shaping the creative perspectives of audiences. Currently, my creative energies are directed towards three distinct collections: Data Nexus, Replicant, and Connected Hive.

Each collection comprises seven large canvases, serving as a creative exploration into the vast realm of data. Through these collections, I delve into profound interpretations and narratives that these data landscapes have to offer. As I curate these works, my vision is to showcase them in a solo exhibition set for the autumn season.

In essence, my artistic endeavour is not merely about creating art; it’s about crafting narratives that provoke thought, stimulate dialogue, and foster a deeper understanding of our evolving relationship with data and artificial intelligence.


Summarise and evaluate your overall progress and formulate a constructive plan for continuing Personal and Professional Development. (AC Communication)

Reflecting on my progress so far, I am excitedly charting a course where my artistic practice merges with a growing fascination for neuroscience. This journey, at the intersection of art and neuroscience, defines my current progress and fuels my intentions for sustained personal and professional growth. My interest is piqued by how the human brain interacts with art—how it perceives, processes, and even heals through artistic experiences. As my exploration deepens, the more interconnected I find these fields to be, enriching my perspectives as an artist.

Vladri's Exhibitions

I am working towards upcoming solo shows in London and New York. These platforms will provide the opportunity to launch my career as an artist, showcase my work, engage with audiences, and receive critical feedback.

PhD in Art & Neuroscience

Inspired by the convergence of art and neuroscience, I plan to delve further into this intriguing topic. I’m preparing to undertake a PhD in Art and Neuroscience, aiming to illuminate the neural processes involved in our engagement with art. This academic pursuit is not a shift away from art, but a means to deepen my understanding and unveil novel artistic dimensions.

To be continued...

As I navigate this unique journey, traditional boundaries might blur—the artist might merge with the researcher; the canvas might find kinship with the lab. I eagerly anticipate the continual growth, welcoming the challenges and discoveries that this exploration of art and neuroscience promises. This narrative, steeped in innovation and curiosity, is a story to be continued.

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