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What 3 Words

The world is divided.

One of my study statement’s outcomes is art, generatively created through community engagement, focusing on value creation for the local businesses in disaster-affected areas.

Being open to experimenting with another medium besides my 264x163cm canvases, I’ve started exploring the NFT Space and mapping the real world.

I’ve decided to work on a concept integrating What 3 Words, a mapping service, NFTs, and the community. While the idea is still early, it will evolve as it develops. 

What is What 3 Words? A service that decides the planet’s surface into grids measuring 3x3m and uses an algorithm to assign a unique three-word market to each of the 57 trillion squares, giving a much simpler, yet accurate, locator mark than a lengthy grid reference.


I started engaging with the NFT communities and looking for symbols and unique characteristics. One ever-present symbol is the rocket and the moon, or “We mooning”, everyone hoping that the value of their NFT will skyrocket to the moon.

While NFTs present an exciting medium for storing and tracing artwork, many NFT projects have no utility or don’t offer any engagement in the real world.  So I decided to research experiment with a few approaches.

What if I integrate three words in each NFT to allow the community to engage with a physical place where they could find some artwork and a local organisation or community that they can interact with to create value?

I started to experiment with a new style of painting. However, I decided I wanted to explore sculpture, but to make logistics more accessible, maybe digital models.

Continuing from the idea of a rocket, a symbol used in the NFT communities, I’ve created a shape that acts as a launching pad for a missile instead of the rocket, on it with the three words that will define the physical location. Around it, various syringes inject creativity and value into the local communities.


While this is also work in progress, the continuation of this will be a series of generative 3D digital art encoded on the blockchain, with a message, triggering community involvement to uncover the actual hidden artwork.